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Accommodation for weddings in Marbella

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Accommodation for Wedding Guests in Marbella

In weddings it is very common that not all guests live in the city or region where the event takes place. Distance is one of the most important factors that makes many guests think about attending or returning on the same day.

Therefore, many guests look for nearby accommodation, an affordable place to rest and then return with calmness the next day. And in many cases, the people who are getting married are also looking for wedding accommodation so that their guests have a quality place to rest.

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Hotel for wedding night in Marbella

In Marbella you can find hotels for wedding accommodation, where guests are provided with accommodation. It is a detail for the bride and groom to indicate to their guests in which hotel they can stay and, sometimes, pay for the accommodation of their closest guests.

So if you are looking for hotels for your wedding night in Marbella for your guests to rest, here we will give you a recommendation that possibly meets your expectations and the needs of your guests.

It is also very common that the first night of the newly married couple is spent in an accommodation that meets all the desired requirements. Hotel Lima Marbella is the perfect hotel for the newly married couple to spend their first night.

4 star hotel in Marbella for wedding accommodation

Hotel lima Marbella is the best option as accommodation for guests or for the wedding night of the recently married couple. It has everything necessary so that the guests of the event can be more than comfortable and rest when the wedding is over.

It is the best option you can find, as it is located right in the centre of Marbella and is only 150 metres from the beach, as well as being very close to Marbella’s marina.

In this way, the hotel not only provides all the necessary services and comforts, but its location is also very striking and will allow all the guests to enjoy the centre of Marbella before or after the wedding.

Furthermore, the hotel has been completely remodelled and has been upgraded from 2 to 4 stars, so you can be sure that you will find a wonderful hotel.

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