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At weddings it is very common that not all guests live in the city or region where the event will be celebrated. Distance is one of the most important factors why many guests may think about attending or not, as the trip can present complications, especially during the return at dawn. That’s why many guests look for nearby accommodations, a place they can afford to rest and then leave the morning of the next day with tranquility. That’s why in many cases people who are getting married look for wedding accommodations, allowing their guests to have a quality place to rest.

Alojamiento para bodas en Marbella

Wedding night hotel in Marbella

In Marbella you can find hotels for wedding accommodation, in which guests are provided with accommodation. It is normal for each guest to pay for their own accommodation, but telling them which hotel they can stay at is a nice detail, although the nearest guests can also be paid for their accommodation.

So if you are looking for hotels for wedding nights in Marbella so that your guests can relax, we will give you a recommendation that possibly fulfills your expectations and the needs of your guests.

Hotel Lima para alojamiento para bodas4 star hotel Marbella for wedding accommodation

To celebrate the wedding in a hotel in which all the guests can lodge is a very comfortable and practical option, but there are many places where to celebrate a wedding that can seem better than a hotel, reason why it is not necessary that you celebrate your wedding in the hotel in which your guests will stay. There are wedding venues that have everything you need so that the guests of the event can be more than comfortable and rest when the wedding is over and even be able to enjoy the city, especially when it is a city like Marbella.

logo Hotel Lima Marbella

The Hotel Lima Marbella may be the best option you can find, as it is located in the heart of Marbella and is only 150 meters from the beach, not to mention that it is very close to the marina of Marbella.

In this way, the hotel not only offers all the necessary services and comforts, but its location is also very striking and will allow all guests to enjoy the center of Marbella before or after the wedding and even has a cold buffet breakfast.

In addition, the hotel is undergoing a process of renovation and will go from 2 to 4 stars, so you can be sure that you will find a wonderful hotel.

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