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The use of the bicycle has numerous advantages for health and the environment. It’s something we’ve known since we were kids and it’s slowly getting into the mind of society. We must take care of our environment and our health .

Uso de la bicicleta en el paseo marítimo de MarbellaAdvantages of using a bicycle

The use of this means of transport we are favoring:

  • The care of our health, as we do physical exercise.
  • There is less risk of being overweight or having cardiovascular disease.
  • No pollution.
  • Es easy to park a bicycle due to the reduced space it occupies.
  • Es mucho much cheaper .
  • Reduce stress levels.

It is a great advantage to use a bicycle in a city like Marbella.

Precautions for correct bicycle use

Cycling is a very useful, easy, economical and environmentally responsible means of transport, but we must adopt the necessary safety measures so as not to put our lives or those of other citizens at risk . This is achieved:

    • Doing a responsible use of the bicycle .
    • Use the appropriate clothing as appropriate footwear and clothing. It is not logical to use flip-flops or any similar footwear.
    • It’s important wear a helmet . It can save our lives in any situation.
    • Debit respect traffic signals .
    • Use reflectors and/or lights to be more visible. Especially when it’s sunset and it’s night.


Uso de Bicicleta en MarbellaBike lane in Marbella

The municipality of Marbella , with the aim of improving bicycle connections and the quality of citizens in Marbella, has decided in recent years to improve and expand the bicycle lane in Marbella.

Currently, Marbella has 10 kilometres of network for cyclists. In addition, the municipality has advanced more reforms and spaces related to this means of transport.

The bicycle is a very comfortable means of transport to get to know a city . You have the possibility to reach places that would be impossible with the car either because of the access or because of the parking. The latter is another great advantage. You can easily park a bicycle anywhere you want to go or visit.

The bicycle are all advantages : It does not need the consumption of any product for its operation, it is easy to use, you can park it wherever you want, you can access any place, maintenance is cheap …

There is also the possibility of seeing the city hiring a bicycle tour service to visit every corner of the city.

Alquiler de bicicletas en Marbella

Places to visit in Marbella with bicycle

Many are the places that we can visit with the bicycle. Marbella has an old town, marina and fishing port, museums, churches … Depending on the type of route we want to do, the type of bike we have or if someone accompanies us and more factors, we can choose to go to one place or another.
Then we make a pass to places of interest by which we can make a bicycle route .

Ports near Marbella

Puerto Deportivo - Hotel Lima Marbella

We can find several ports near Marbella. Marbella has two ports which can be easily accessed by bicycle, namely the Puerto Pesquero and the Puerto Deportivo de Marbella. The ports of Puerto Banús and Cabopino are also a few kilometres away.

Marbella Parks

Many are the parks and gardens in Marbella. They are pleasant places, with a lot of vegetation and very comfortable to walk around. We find the Paseo de la Alameda, the Parque de la Constitución or the Avenida del Mar, among many others.

Old helmet

This is a very touristy and nice ride. You will be able to find churches, the square of the orange trees and other places of interest between the narrow streets that form this zone.

More places in or near Marbella

Other routes that we can do by bicycle are:

  • By the sea passage of Marbella . It is a very pleasant walk a few meters from the sea.
  • Museums in Marbella such as Bonsai or Ralli.
  • Routes outside Marbella : Puerto Banús, Subida al Juanar, San Pedro Alcántara, La Mairena, Istán/Río Verde, Cueva santa…

There are countless possibilities to tour Marbella and the outskirts on your bicycle.

Finally and to finish, we give you a couple of tips. Focus your route on two fundamental factors, your physical condition and your companions . It is not the same to be accompanied by your family in which there are children than to be accompanied by a group of cyclists.

Bike rental in Marbella

In hotel Lima we have available a service of rent of bicycles. At the time of making your reservation you can add the additional service of bicycle rental, so you have no excuse to rent your bike and make a bicycle route around the city or surroundings.

Enjoy Marbella with Hotel Lima.