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Christmas is a time to spend time with the family, to go out and see other cities or to decorate the house with typical products of this festivity. It’s true that you can’t go to the beach because of the temperature, but it doesn’t mean you always have to stay in your city. Imagine spending Christmas in Marbella with an average temperature of 15 degrees, I’m sure you’ll love the idea.

Marbella and Christmas

Imagine walking the streets of this coastal city, seeing the decorations and lighting that everyone seems to love, not fearing to catch a cold and spending the whole afternoon at their Christmas market.

Marbella and Christmas have always gone together because of its climate, something that makes it different from the rest of the areas of the Spanish peninsula, which is why you will find a great number of outdoor events: fairs, concerts, events… that you can enjoy with your partner and/or with the little ones of the house.

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What to do in Marbella?

The city of Marbella has numerous points of interest such as the Ralli Museum or the Museum of Engraving. You can visit beautiful places like the Orange Tree Square where the Marbella Town Hall is located or visit the Marbella Castle.

Christmas in Malaga

One of the main places to enjoy Christmas and its decoration is Malaga. Malaga at Christmas is synonymous of lights, nativity scenes and above all, a lot of atmosphere in the streets in the city center. Besides , if you like to do tourism, you cannot miss the great museum offer that the city has like the Picasso Museum, the Thyssen Málaga or the Russian Museum, among many others. Moreover, you can take advantage of all the time you want because the affluence of tourists is lower during these dates.

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Where do I stay on vacation?

A hotel in Marbella is the perfect solution for a short break during Christmas or for a long time, allowing you to enjoy with your loved ones, your partner and/or friends everything that can be done in the city during this time.

This 4 star hotel in Marbella has a privileged location in the heart of the city. You can visit the old town, the monuments, the people, the events and its gastronomy without having to walk many miles to get there.
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The Lima Marbella hotel is a reference point throughout the city, with hundreds of people having already stayed with them and been totally satisfied. The negative point is that this year, due to a big remodeling, it will not be available during this time but we expect you for the beginning of the year 2020 and Christmas 2020.

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