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This is the first beach you come across after passing the famous “Marbella Arch”. It is located between the mouth of the Rio Real and the Fishing Port.

It is one of the beaches par excellence and a favorite with locals because during the summer period and even outside this period, there are many activities such as beach volleyball tournaments, beach soccer games, sandcastle competitions, etc. , and this is where most people tend to gather every June 24th at midnight, to celebrate the famous night of San Juan, the night of the bonfires.

It is also an area where you can find boats to “espetar las sardinas” (skewer the sardines), a typical way of preparing sardines in Malaga and where the locals do moragas (or barbecues), in other words, dinner on the beach with family and friends. It is about 500 meters long and about 40 meters wide on average and it is next to the city’s industrial port.

The name of this beach is due to an old cable that was used back in the 50s to transport minerals from the mountainous areas to the cargo ships. This name is the main representation of the few vestiges that remind us of the mining and steel age in the city. At present it is only a remnant in the water and it no longer functions.

playa del cable en Marbella

More about El Cable beach

Very long and quite wide beach with different areas along its length, especially at the western end around the port. It is a beach whose occupation changes greatly in the morning compared to the afternoon-evening, since in the morning very few people visit, but from late afternoon numbers rise significantly due to the many activities that take place on it.

The temperature throughout the year does not vary from other beaches, ranging from 8-10º C in the winter months to 29-30º C in the summer months. The average water temperature is also the same, ranging from 14-16º C in the coldest months to 22-23º C in the hottest months.

Access to this beach is very simple, but parking is not so easy. There is a parking area next to the fishing port but it usually fills up very quickly. This beach has the Blue Flag and the “Q” certificate of tourist quality, which makes Calahonda beach one of the best beaches in Marbella.

Lately it has also come to be known as “Playa Padre” due to the beach club that stands out at night for its cocktails, food and DJ music sessions. Sunbed and umbrella rental. Golden sand with dark tones. Toilets, showers, first aid stations. Moderate swell.

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Playa del cable