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You still don’t know the flea markets on the Costa del Sol? There you can find all kinds of articles and become impregnated with the local culture. You can also find stalls where you can try Marbella’s own gastronomy, among all kinds of activities that will help you try a different experience.

If you still don’t know any flea markets in Marbella, in the following lines we will detail the best ones.

The best flea markets in Marbella and surroundings

mercadillo en el recinto ferial de marbella
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Market at the “Recinto Ferial de Marbella”

A very large flea market with a total of 365 stalls with items of all kinds. It is a flea market in Marbella that is only available on Mondays. It is located a few minutes from the city center, where the Hotel Lima Marbella is located.

•	Mercadillo de Bulevar de la Fama
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Market of Boulevard of Fame

This Marbella flea market is located in Puerto Banus. Here you can find everything you need, from clothes and shoes, to handicrafts, fruit, vegetables, accessories and complements, among many other products. This market in Puerto Banus can only be visited on Saturdays.

El Patio
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El Patio

With this singular name we want to present you an interesting bazaar of the Golden Mile of Marbella. In total we have 18 stands with items as varied as earrings, bracelets, bags and various accessories. The main peculiarity of this market is that we can buy while the music of a very popular DJ is playing in the background.

•	Mercadillo de Los Baños del Carmen
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Market of Los Baños del Carmen

A flea market at the foot of the beach where we will discover a new way of selling and buying. You will be able to find items that cannot be found in other flea markets. In addition, by buying here we will be collaborating with several NGOs, and that is that some stands collaborate with them.

Mercadillo Muelle Uno

Flea Market on Pier One

If you want to buy antiques in Marbella, then you are interested in the El Zoco del Mueble market. It is open only the first 3 Sundays of each month, from 11:00 to 18:00.

Rastro Benalmadena

Flea Market of La Paloma

It is located in the La Paloma Trade Fair Centre in Benalmádena and we can find around 150 stands with a wide variety of articles.

Hotel in the centre of Marbella

From Hotel Lima Marbella we propose a unique experience in accommodation in our 4 star hotel in the centre of Marbella. Now you know the main options and some ideas of what to buy at the Puerto Banus market, as well as other markets around Malaga.

But Marbella offers you a multitude of places to visit and a long list of things to do.