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In Marbella we can find much more than idyllic beaches, impressive yachts and many points of interest to discover. Malaga’s gastronomy is considered to be one of the best in the country, even in the world.

You only have to try it in the best restaurants in Marbella to discover a series of dishes that will make your mouth water.

Discover the best dishes of Marbella’s gastronomy

Pescaíto, the star of the table

The most characteristic gastronomy in Marbella includes pescaíto. We are talking about such varied dishes as sardines, squid, anchovies, horse mackerel, among others. We can either consume it through a tasty grill like the squid, or as part of the incredible seafood paellas.

In many places you can also enjoy typical fish from the coast of Cadiz due to the proximity, such as tuna in different versions as tartar or with sauce, or sea bass a la Roteña.

Cazuela de Cazon

Cold Soups

Cold soups are also the order of the day in Marbella. In the south, soups as unique as ajoblanco or gazpacho predominate. This is quite logical, as the olive oil here is of excellent quality.



Of course, you can’t leave Marbella without trying its legendary tapas. You can find octopus, anchovies, bravas, piquillo peppers, croquettes (seafood, Iberian ham among other ingredients) and many others.

Tapas E

Hotel Lima Restaurant

From among the best restaurants in Marbella we would like to introduce you to Virazón restaurant & Rooftop Bar. You will find it in Hotel Lima Marbella and in it you will be able to find products of the land with international touches.

Try with the restaurant Virazón and you will be able to taste this way the typical gastronomy in Marbella, but with special touches that will adapt all these plates to the kitchen of the moment, which the most demanding retainers look for.