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Golf Courses in Marbella

The perfect conditions for playing golf are: warm climate, sunny and low rainfall. This combination can be found in Marbella, because the Costa del Sol, with its more than 70 courses, makes this destination the first in Europe in terms of golf courses.

Marbella has a unique offer for golf lovers. Many of them can be found in exclusive private clubs.

Golf in Marbella

Golf Clubs Marbella

What are the best golf courses in and surrounding Marbella?

Discover some of the best golf courses and clubs in Marbella, Spain and the world. In addition, we have some of the best golf clubs valued by golf lovers. All you have to do is choose the course you like best and enjoy it.

Hotel Lima Marbella: best option to enjoy golf near Marbella

Hotel Lima is a hotel in the centre of Marbella that allows you to enjoy: great service, an ideal location and the golf courses and clubs that surround Marbella.

If you are looking for accommodation in Marbella, it is essential that it has adequate facilities, good communications, quality services and other elements that make a difference. At Hotel Lima Marbella, a recently refurbished hotel, you can enjoy the Costa del Sol and the city of Marbella.

Get to know Marbella and organize your golf vacation in a place that offers unique places to visit. Enjoy the beaches of Marbella, the monuments, the climate and weather in Marbella

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