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This beach is located in one of the most luxurious areas of Marbella. Nearby is the Guadalmina golf course. This is the last Marbella beach, about 14 km away. It is about 1, 500 meters long and about 25 meters wide on average.

You can also choose water sports and beach bars where you can refresh yourself and have a drink as you shelter from the high temperatures. Adapted to people with disabilities. Waves the “Blue Flag” since 1992.

Playa Guadalmina Marbella

Environment and temperature at Guadalmina beach

The Roman ruins from the 3rd century A. D. , popularly known as Las Bóvedas, stand out. From the Roman baths you can see a huge defensive watchtower from the 16th century. These historical remains have been declared as Assets of Cultural Interest.

In the surrounding streets you can find space to park your car.

The temperature throughout the year does not vary from the other beaches, ranging from 8-10º C in the winter months to 29-30º C in the summer months. The average water temperature is again the same, ranging from 14-16º C in the coldest months to 22-23º C in the hottest months.

Accommodation near Playa Guadalmina

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playa guadalmina