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The history of golf is not easy to trace, as we do not have the exact year in which it was originated. From Hotel Lima Marbella we know the importance of this sport and therefore we like to provide information of interest to the many people who practice golf in Marbella who come every year to enjoy golf on the Costa del Sol.

Origins of golf

In Roman times, paganism was practiced, a game that was played with balls designed with feathers and with curved sticks. However, there are not many facts about this sport.

The theory that has more adherents about the origin of golf is the one that establishes that it appeared in Scotland, during the 15th century, as an evolution of a game that was called het kolven. What is certain is that the pioneer of modern golf courses was Saint Andrews, which already had some of the characteristics of the best golf courses in the 16th century.

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History of golf in Spain

The history of golf in Spain started in 1891, when the first golf course in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria opened its doors. The sport soon spread to the peninsula, making the golf courses in Marbella, and by extension the whole of the Costa del Sol, the most important in Spain. Not in vain is this area also called the Costa del Golf. The practice of this sport in Marbella is almost a religion.

Golf in Marbella

If you are looking for a golf hotel in Marbella, your best option is to be well situated for this sport and be able to enjoy the city, as Hotel Lima Marbella does.

Hotel Lima, a hotel in the centre of Marbella, close to the best golf courses in Marbella, to the beach and to the best restaurants and night clubs in the city, is the best bet for any golf lover who wants to enjoy his practice under the wonderful Mediterranean sun.