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On 14 February Valentine’s Day is celebrated, a time when couples express their love through gifts and details. Although this day is celebrated almost everywhere in the world, not many people know the story behind it.

What is Valentine’s Day?

According to history, Valentin was a priest who dared to challenge Emperor Claudius II, who had decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages between young people. The priest did not approve and performed the ceremonies in secret (hence this day is for lovers).

As punishment, the Emperor put him in jail. To test his faith, an officer challenged him to return the sight to his daughter Julia, who had been blind since birth. Valentin accepted this challenge and managed to restore her sight.

San Valentin

On February 14, of the year 270, Valentin was executed. Julia, who would be eternally grateful to him, planted an almond tree in his tomb. Today it is a symbol of love and friendship.

Nowadays, it is normal to give cards, flowers or chocolates to partners  when you are in love.

historia de San Valentín

Curiosities of Valentine’s Day

As in all traditions, there are curiosities that many people are unaware of but which are worth mentioning. Here are a few of them:

  1. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated, although only women are allowed to receive gifts. Tradition has it that they should give chocolate to their boyfriends.
  2. In China you have to be careful with the number of flowers you give away. If there is one, it means: “You are the only one”, eleven that: “You are my favourite”, 99 is: “The promise of an eternal love” and 108 indicates: “A marriage proposal”.
  3. According to different studies, 14 February is the day when births increase up to 4%.

What to do on Valentine’s Day?

If you are thinking about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, you should know that more and more people are opting for a short getaway, Marbella being one of the most popular cities because of the amount of tourist attractions, beaches and leisure areas that exist in this city.

Unique accommodation in Marbella centre for Valentine’s Day

Whether you are just starting as a couple or have been together for a long time, a Valentine’s Day in Marbella is the perfect gift for your loved one. Doing something different that breaks the routine like travelling, visiting the shops in the old town or taking a romantic walk along the seashore will strengthen your union.

San Valentín en hotel Marbella

Valentine’s Day getaways are the best way to show your feelings for your partner. If you love hiking, Marbella offers some of the most beautiful routes around, such as the Sierra de las Nieves route. You’ll find spectacular views of the whole city, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Moroccan coast on the horizon.

To finish in the best possible way, reserve the room of your dreams, open a bottle of champagne and enjoy the February sunshine in this town loved by all who have visited it.

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Hotel Lima Marbella February 14, 2020

At Hotel Lima Marbella we will make your stay to celebrate Valentine’s Day something unique, so that the memory of it is engraved forever in your history.

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