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Although there is no hotel classification system in our country, you are probably wondering how stars are awarded and what a hotel should contain in order to have the highest category. It is the regional government that is in charge of awarding them and may be different depending on their location.

Before the opening, all Spanish hotels must ask for a classification, with the aim of showing the stars to the rest of consumers, so they can get an idea of what services it offers.

Change hotel from 2 to 4 stars

Hotel Lima Marbella is undergoing a big upgrade from 2 stars to 4 stars. This does not mean that because of its experience the cataloguing is expanding, but it is necessary to make a great effort so that everything is according to the dictates of the autonomous community.

In this 4 star hotel in Marbella it is necessary to install several elevators and different extras, such as additional swimming pools and other elements.

1) 2-star hotel

Two-star hotels are classified in this way because they contain the following characteristics:

  • Double rooms of at least 14 m².
  • Single rooms of at least 7 m².
  • Bathroom/showerroom of at least 3.5 m².

Some of the comforts you should have for users are:

  • Telephone in the room
  • Elevator
  • Heating
  • Safe deposit box

2) 4-star hotel

So that our hotel in Marbella centre can leave aside the two stars, renovate itself and reach the four star rating, it must contain these minimum requirements:

  • Double rooms exceeding 16 m².
  • Single rooms exceeding 9 m².
  • Bathroom/showerroom exceeding 4.5 m².

It should also have better amenities for guests:

  • Air conditioning in the room
  • Elevator
  • Heating
  • Telephone
  • Safe deposit box
  • Minibar in the room

Knowing these details, we can get an idea of the modifications that need to be included to reach this rank. It is necessary to face some huge improvements in the whole building, a new restructuring and add different upgrades so that the comfort of people who want to stay with them will be as comfortable as possible, this is the only way to show off the status of your 4 stars hotel.

Although most of the changes that the Hotel will suffer has not much to do with the demands of tourism but of the client himself. The Hotel Lima Marbella is facing a technological change to cope with the requests of a 100% connected client.

What’s the difference between these hotels?

The first notable difference is the size of the rooms, you will be provided with a room with more space for you and your companion/s.

If we are talking about communication services, such as internet, to reach the 4 stars category it is necessary that they have WiFi for all users.

The staff is also important, it is necessary to have a staff available 24 hours a day to attend all kinds of needs or to solve any incident.

These are just some of the requirements that hotels have to face in order to be awarded with more stars. Not many people know this, but it is possible to reach a maximum of six stars. Although the world of hotels may seem simple to you, it is much more complicated than you thought.


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