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Our hotel is a protected area in front of the Covid-19 and we have maximum security so that our guests feel at ease and can enjoy their stay in Marbella. But in addition to all this, we have an added value for you to enjoy your trips to Andalusia with the security you need: Free International Travel Insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

Travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and so that you can continue to experience unique moments in Andalusia, you can now benefit from the advantages of this travel insurance with which you will feel protected at all times.


Discover Andalusia International Travel Insurance

The Junta de Andalucía offers non-resident international travellers a free travel insurance that includes Covid-19 coverage.

This tourist insurance is valid for stays in regulated accommodation: hotels, tourist flats, aparthotels, campsites and rural houses.

Preparing a trip requires effort, time and money. And so that a setback does not ruin the illusion that you have put into your holidays, the best thing is to have a reliable and quality travel insurance; and if it is also free, so much the better!

There are several advantages of this International Travel Insurance offered by the Junta de Andalucía, ask for it for your next stay in our hotel.

What covers does the Andalusia travel insurance include?

Now more than ever, we need to travel in complete safety, to feel at ease and to know that, in case we need it, we can count on the best assistance.

And that’s why Andalucía International Travel Insurance offers excellent cover in the event of contracting Covid-19.

Medical, surgical and hospitalisation expenses

In the event of contracting Covid-19, the insurance covers the medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospitalisation expenses and fees incurred as a result of the illness.

This coverage includes the expenses of the sick person and accompanying persons (relative of the insured person, spouse or partner with whom he/she lives, and children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren of both).

Medical expenses for transport and repatriation

The insurance also covers the costs of ambulance or transport of the infected person from the place where he/she has been diagnosed to the medical centre indicated by the doctor, as well as the costs of returning to the place of holiday.

Also repatriation by medical plane if the urgency or seriousness of the case so requires, for Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean. And for travellers coming from other places, it includes repatriation by regular airline with medical assistance.

In reference to the companions of the person with Covid-19, the costs of their transfers or repatriation to their habitual residence or to the health centre where the infected person is staying will also be covered.

And if the companions are disabled persons or minors who do not have a trusted person who can take care of them, the insurance will provide them with a person responsible for accompanying them to their place of residence or to the medical centre where the sick person is hospitalised.

Transport or repatriation of the deceased by COVID-19

In the event of the death of the person infected by Covid-19, the procedures and expenses for the transport or repatriation of both the deceased and their companions are covered.

If the companions are minors or disabled persons, a person will be provided to take responsibility for their transfer to their usual place of residence.

Expenses for prolongation of stay

If the infected person and their companions must remain in quarantine after their hospitalisation or on the advice of medical personnel, the insurance covers their stay in the insured person’s hotel.

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How can I apply?

Applying for the Andalusia International Travel Insurance is very easy and quick, just click on this link and fill in the form:

viajes andalucia seguros

What dates is it valid for?

You can benefit from this free travel insurance from 1 January until 31 December 2021.

We hope to see you soon in our hotel, we will offer you a safe, comfortable and happy stay.

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