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Located about 10 km east of the center of Marbella. Narrow beach of fine, gleaming, golden sand some 650-750 meters long and about 20-25 meters wide on average, located between different luxurious resorts in the residential area bearing the same name.

The temperature can range from 8-10º C in the winter months to 29-30º C in summer. The average monthly water temperature ranges from 14-16º in the coldest months to 22-23º in the hottest months.

Playa de las chapas

Accessibility to Las Chapas beach

Easy access both on foot and by car. Free parking areas. Medium to high numbers of beachgoers. Moderate swell. Leisure area, amusements and surrounded by the glamor of the beach clubs; at the rear part of the beach is the well-known beach club Nikki Beach that offers different, varied and exclusive services. Apart from that there are other beach bars and restaurants where you can try varied gastronomy at more economic prices.

Companies offering water sports activities. Rental of sunbeds and sunshades. Showers. Very popular beach but not without its tranquility, as it is not usually excessively crowded throughout the year, except in high season.

An idyllic place to take photos or just enjoy the sunrise and sunset. There is vegetation around this beach. It does not have a promenade.

Accommodation near Las Chapas beach

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Localización playa de las chapas