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Lima Contemporánea

Determined to continue leaving pleasant, deep and lasting impressions on our guests and visitors; being certain that quality is never an accident, but the result of intelligent effort, and tenacious in our purpose of celebrating and making beauty visible, we are pleased to present to you Lima Contemporáneaa space for meeting, contemplation, dialogue and enjoyment around the visual arts.

Over the next twelve months, our facilities, from the lobby to the inner courtyard that connects to the restaurant, will host the work of twelve contemporary artists, local and from the rest of Andalusia, encouraging discovery, recreation and collecting.

Curated by multidisciplinary artist Paco Sanguino, the exhibitions by Pepe Barroso, J. Antonio Chanivet, Miguel Ferrer, Juan Ángel González de la Calle, Lin García, Estella Kamazón, Liviana Leone, Paco Mármol, Débora Nótenson, Rosario Olarte, Fernández Pujol and Paco Sanguino himself, will serve to extend our already broad concept of hospitality to the interrelation between artist, traveler, neighbor and plastic discourse.

Soon, all the information about opening dates and times will be available on our social networks.

Lima Contemporánea, towards fullness through art from the Hotel Lima, Marbella.

The artist who opens the exhibition and presents his works during the month of September is:
Paco Sanguino

You can see the paintings on display by clicking on the following link:
Exhibition of Paco Sanguino at Hotel Lima Marbella