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Lima Contemporánea

Determined to continue leaving pleasant, deep and lasting impressions on our guests and visitors; being certain that quality is never an accident, but the result of intelligent effort, and tenacious in our purpose of celebrating and making beauty visible, we are pleased to present to you Lima Contemporáneaa space for meeting, contemplation, dialogue and enjoyment around the visual arts.

Over the next twelve months, our facilities, from the lobby to the inner courtyard that connects to the restaurant, will host the work of twelve contemporary artists, local and from the rest of Andalusia, encouraging discovery, recreation and collecting.

Curated by multidisciplinary artist Paco Sanguino, the exhibitions by Pepe Barroso, J. Antonio Chanivet, Miguel Ferrer, Juan Ángel González de la Calle, Lin García, Estella Kamazón, Liviana Leone, Paco Mármol, Débora Nótenson, Rosario Olarte, Fernández Pujol and Paco Sanguino himself, will serve to extend our already broad concept of hospitality to the interrelation between artist, traveler, neighbor and plastic discourse.

Soon, all the information about opening dates and times will be available on our social networks.

Lima Contemporánea, towards fullness through art from the Hotel Lima, Marbella.

APRIL 2024

The way in which technology redefines the way we communicate and socialize, its profound and transformative impact on human development, has been, for at least a decade, a constant in the work of multidisciplinary artist Stella Kamazón.

Under the title Atrapados en la red, the author brings together twenty-two works, eleven wire and paper sculptures, ranging from 10 x 7 x 6 to 65 x 43 x 30 cm, and eleven images, prints and collages ranging from 25 x 18 to 79 x 60 cm, inspired by the immediate environment and the reflection on the challenges and risks posed by excessive dependence on technology and the loss of social skills.

Lima Contemporánea is pleased to open a space for meeting, but also for thought and dialogue, around an essential exhibition, the eighth in this cycle curated by multidisciplinary artist Paco Sanguino and promoted by Hotel Lima, which uses art as a cognitive vehicle and celebrates beauty and creativity, favored by your constant impulse, which we will never tire of thanking you for.

MARCH 2024
Always in figuration, from deep reflection and with drawing as a precious resource, Pepe Barroso’s work has developed, transiting the transvanguardia and metaphysical painting, until reaching the state of eclectic singularity that is reflected in “Evolution”.
The fourteen works, acrylics on wood, that make up “Evolution” reveal the deep knowledge of Art History that Pepe Barroso treasures, always comfortable between Renaissance humanism and geometry and permeable to the influence of the great philosophers, Renaissance artists, impressionists, German expressionism, American abstract expressionists or, for his use of new concepts and materials, artists such as Cai Guo-Qiang.

“Evolution” reflects the attentive and careful examination of the human being, his role on Earth and his place in the universe, consubstantial to Barroso’s work, who, sharing with us the result of his careful search, questions us; conceiving the idea of a better future, he opens a door to progress.

Evolution, always.

Miguel Ferrer is an architect who has established himself as a painter since his first exhibition in 1978 in his native Argentina.

With a great trajectory as an artist, his work in abstraction, which we could call constructivist, is now facing a figuration of a preciousness worthy of those who know perfectly the environment that surrounds him.

Hence my curatorship and selection of these two styles that could be in an eternal struggle and yet in his hands are twinned and perfectly executed.

Born in Tandil, Argentina, Ferrer has lived in Spain since 1984, and since then he has combined his work as an architect with that of a painter.

His works, where geometry and texture have led to ink or acrylic on smooth paper, preserve the geometric and organic discourse to which we are accustomed, undoubtedly Miguel Ferrer has evolved from knowledge, to the confirmation of what painting really is; work and search or vice versa.


Juan Ángel González de la Calle is a multidisciplinary artist with a very particular criterion in the staging of his pictorial discourse.

Coveted by the best contemporary art galleries in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Singapore.

He is considered a reference painter and participates in major art fairs such as ARCO, JUSTMAD, ART MADRID or Estampa.

His work is present in the most important contemporary art collections in the country and he is possibly the most prolific Andalusian artist due to his extensive career.

In this exhibition we will observe paintings where the oneiric discourse prevails, we will see a work full of poetics and symbolism, characteristic in his landscapes, with characters that are apparently misplaced.

González de la Calle dominates drawing and color, creating an appreciated workshop invoice in his work, characterized by the filling of oil on paper or canvas, a work full of technical resources that will make us continue to grow our love for honest painting.


Irreverence, irony, biting criticism in a new proposal by Lima Contemporánea.

On Saturday, December 9, with the opening of [contra]propaganda, by Débora Notenson, we encourage reflection on the nonsense in the stories and portraits of the power produced and absorbed by the deranged consumer society.

The exhibition brings together 22 pop-style works, most of them in small format, created between 2020 and 2023 in gouache on paper and acrylic on canvas. In them, Debora Notenson surrenders to the impulse, consubstantial to her artistic performance, to draw on existing images, illustrations that were anonymous by political mandate. In this way, it grants them “authorship” and evidences the paradox that takes place when anti-capitalist iconography becomes an object of consumerist desire.


The contemporary drawing of high detail dresses the walls of the Hotel Lima during this month of November, with the exhibition “Balsamos”, by Paco Mármol.

In Bálsamos, Paco Mármol brings together 15 works in different formats created between 2018 and the present, in graphite pencil on paper and pen on paper, which incite reflection on consumption models and their impact on our habits and environment.

Graphic design, music, cinema, podcasts and the author’s own life experience have inspired these works in which Mármol recognizes the special influence of The Power of Kooky, an essay in which the British philosopher Simon May presents Kooky as an antidote against an ugly reality and as a mechanism for controlling uncertainty and discomfort. Based on May’s premise, Paco Mármol conceives the drawings that make up his exhibition as “balms for life”.


Lima Contemporánea inaugurates
a group exhibition curated by Paco Sanguino and promoted by the Hotel Lima, whose facilities offer a new opportunity for hotel guests, visitors and neighbors of Marbella to meet with the work of relevant contemporary artists.

The works of Pepe Barroso, Lía García, Juan Ángel González de la Calle, Stella Kamazón, Liviana Leone, Paco Mármol, Debora Notenson, Rosario Olarte, Miguel Ferrer, Pablo Fernández Pujol and Paco Sanguino, are a catalog of diverse styles and techniques, which will take us to the intimacy of concerns and concepts with which we live and work.


The artist who opens the exhibition and presents his works during the month of September is:
Paco Sanguino

Under the title “Neighbors and Street People”, Sanguino brings together 17 figurative works created, in oil/canvas and oil/paper, throughout 2022 and 2023.

In them he reflects on the role of the person in the intimate and shared space: the complex, indecipherable individuality and the collective life.