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It is located in the municipality of San Pedro de Alcántara and is about a 15-minute drive from Marbella center. It is about 650 meters long and 30 meters wide on average. It shares a name with the surrounding development. It has public services and jet ski rental.

It’s one of the best beaches in Marbella and visited more by San Pedro’s own residents than by tourists. This beach is perfectly equipped with all kinds of beach bars, restaurants (especially one offering Belgian culinary specialties) and bars with chill out areas where you can enjoy delicious cocktails.

A few meters from this beach, after passing the mouth of the Guadalmedina River, you can see the Torre de las Bóvedas (Vault Tower), a 16th century defensive beacon tower, along with the Roman baths and, apart from that, the Paleo-Christian site of the Vega del Mar Basilica.

Lindavista beach, for the whole family

This beach is popular with families and older couples. Parking available in the surrounding streets, just behind the beach. The temperature throughout the year does not vary from the rest of the beaches, ranging from 8-10º C in the winter months to 29-30º C in the summer months.

The average water temperature is again the same, ranging from 14-16º C in the coldest months to 22-23º C in the hottest months. Easy access. Animals are allowed. In the restaurants located in this area you can find sunbeds or deckchairs as well as sunshades.

Accommodation near Lindavista beach

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