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It feels like you’ve reached an oasis. This is probably the quietest beach in Marbella and is located about 5 km east of the center of Marbella. Situated in the area known as the Bahía de Marbella and whose development and hotel shares its name with that of the beach. It is between 300 – 450 meters long and about 10 meters wide on average.

It is divided into 3 sub-zones: Rio Real, Realejo and La Adelfa, names that come from streams and the protected natural area that usually only the residents know about. Finding information about these sub-areas is impossible for outsiders. Including these 3 sectors, there are 2 km of coastline.

Playa Los Monteros

Accessibility to Los Monteros beachs

To access by car, there is at least one entrance for each sub-zone and parking on both the road and the unpaved area. There are numerous beach bars and exclusive restaurants. This is not a beach for activities or water sports, but rather an area of relaxation, peace, tranquility and conviviality. Dune area with lots of vegetation. Coarse sand in white and gold tones, and gray pebbles. Moderate swell.

The temperature throughout the year can range from 8-10º C in the winter months to 29-30º C in the summer months. The average water temperature can range from 14-16º C in the coldest months to 22-23º C in the hottest months. Average occupation. Regular cleaning.

Accommodation near Los Monteros beach

The Hotel Lima is a hotel in the center of Marbella where you can enjoy the beaches of Marbella.  If you want to enjoy the gastronomy, parks or monuments in Marbella, do not hesitate to stay with us.

Playa Los Monteros