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Among the great festivals, events and parties in Marbella that can be enjoyed, the romería a la Cruz de Juanar on May 3, the fiestas of the patron saint Bernabé on June 11 and those of San Pedro Alcántara on 19 October, typically Andalusian fairs for their color and folklore. Another festivity of great interest is that of the Virgen del Carmen, celebrated on July 16 with a maritime procession that year after year retains its traditional popular flavor.

From 28th february to 3rd march

Increasing interest and participation, Marbella rescues for you this pagan festival in which the city is decked out to welcome the visitor with the sound of Parade and pace of Carnival bands. If you unconditionally this sympathetic celebration, you can anticipate enjoying the Saturday of Carnival in the nearby town of San Pedro Alcántara. Don’t forget your costume to live a fun magical evening dresses in which masked city is up.


From 13th to 20th April

The same as all Spain, Marbella participates in the ancient tradition of Holy Week with its classical liturgy and spectacular processions. This is a week also for gastronomic enjoyment with the first lights of the summer.


From 11st to 19th June

Week of holiday in our town Entire. All Marbella is dressed in lights to offer visitors their best face in some endless days of music and festivities of the day and night. By day the Real de la Feria hosts a massive demonstration of popular celebration Andalusian in each of its numerous booths in which is always welcome visitors to taste a “rebujito” to the rhythm of sevillanas.


24th June

Magical night that invites locals and visitors to celebrate the entry of the summer at any of our beaches sheltered from the bonfires that in honor of San Juan will burn evil thoughts and evil omens for with a great beach holiday to face summer with the greatest joy.


From 9th to 12th october: Marbella 4 Days Walking

Successful sport-party quote that some years ago is celebrated at this time by the streets, beaches, and mountains of our city where all lovers of the trekking has the opportunity to spend a magnificent “Puente del Pilar” doing what they like: walking. The wide range of itineraries to delight all participants regardless of age or physical condition.


From 15th to 20th october

Similar to Carnival, this beautiful Marbella town looks their best outfits to offer visitors a host of festive events and entertainment in general thanks to its “Semana Grande” celebration with special attention to the already classic “Feria de Día” where any person wanting to have healthy fun find shelter among the numerous booths that offer their music and their typical tastings.


From 31st october to 2nd november

With the end of our summer, we will also have the opportunity to find a festive atmosphere that has been already classic in our jewel of the Costa del Sol. If after the newly adopted Halloween night you have strength to continue paying tribute to fun, the most authentic Marbella held among its neighbors the already traditional “Tostón”, in which the hills are filled with bonfires and chanting to taste typical chestnuts roasted in a ritual that welcomes you in the autumn.