Museums of Marbella 


Located in the old Bazán Hospital, it is the first museum of its kind in Spain. It houses works by Picasso, Miró, Tapies, Chillida and several famous painters. With a transitory character, important exhibitions of engravings are presented and artistic and musical activities are organized.


The Bonsai museum exhibits a wonderful collection of beautiful miniature trees and forests, most of which are valued for their fame and centenary age.

It is deservedly considered as one of the best collections in Europe and also the best collection of wild olive trees in the world. Some of these olive trees as well as Bonsai, statuesque rocks from Torcal de Antequera Natural Park and a lake make up a beautiful focal point in the museum.

There are historically interesting specimens such as the important Chinese “Almez” which belonged to the same Chinese family for 5 generations, or “Olivo Acebuche”, an olive tree of 300 years old.

Some of the Bonsais are examples of native species to Marbella, of which some of them were in danger of extinction such as the Spanish fir.


Built by Mr Tomá Francisco Domínguez in 1704, it was known in those days as “Cortijo del Prado de San Francisco”. This farm had a sugar cane mill and an oil mill.

Its restoration started in 1999 and it was open in 2001.

The Museum has an archaeological park (remains of a cave chapel dated from the 8th and 10th centuries), gardens (where this is planted specimens of the beginning of the 18th century with others brought from the Philippines in 1850), the oil museum (a complete mill for making the olive oil, objects related to the mill and a prickly pear press of the 17th century), a temporary exposition room, information about the town heritage and an audio-visual room.


Ralli Museums are an international private non-profit-making organisation. There are currently 4 Ralli Museums in different countries and the entrance to all of them is free. This charitable organisation was created by the President of the Ralli bank group.

Ralli Museums are located in privileged places and exhibit important Latin-American and European collections of art. It exhibits surrealist works of art but not exclusively.


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