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We’ve already started to experience football fever and the second B and second division play-offs are closer than ever. It will be played in Andalusia and matches will be played in Marbella, Malaga and Algeciras.

Date of the Play-offs

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) will organize this play off between 18-26 July.

As the RFEF press release says “The centrepiece of this competition will be Marbella”. The games will be played in the stadiums of La Rosaleda, Nuevo Mirador of Algeciras, in addition to the Municipal de Marbella, Marbella Football Center and the stadium Ciudad de Málaga. However, Marbella will not be able to play in its own stadium during this promotion phase.

Considering that it will be held in the middle of the summer season, we can take the opportunity to enjoy the activities of the city, at the same time we do it with the football matches.

If you are looking for a good hotel in the centre of Marbella, the Hotel Lima Marbella will be interesting for you. It is located in a privileged position that is not too far from the sports centre. The distance to reach almost any part of Marbella will be significantly reduced if we stay at this hotel.

Marbella Ascenso 2º division

Hotel Lima Marbella: The best way to enjoy the playoff

There are few places where you can experience football as intensely as in Marbella. All fans can use this opportunity to support their team in this important moment. At Hotel Lima Marbella we are local sponsors of Marbella FC.

On June 25, the draw will take place at the Levante pier in Puerto Banús to find out which opponents are playing the different matches. Marbella’s opponents will be one of the three quarter-finalists from the other groups: Valladolid Promesas, Peña Deportiva and Cornellà.

Eliminatoria Ascenso Play Off

Gradually we’re getting back to the new normality, and it’s a good time to make plans again and feel the excitement of football in our skin. The play off will feel better if we live it from Marbella, and Hotel Lima Marbella has everything ready for the occasion.

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