Concerts Summer 2020 | Starlite and Marenostrum Safety First

With the arrival of the new normality, some of the musical events and concerts on the Costa del Sol are already beginning to have dates.

Starlite 2020

One of the most important is the Starlite 2020. We are talking about its return in July, with a view to extending it until next August so that we can enjoy the best music of the moment.

Among the novelties Starlite 2020 are upcoming concerts by Morat, Beret, David Bisbal, Rozalén or Aitana.

Thanks to the fact that it is held in the middle of a natural environment, and to its limited capacity, we will be able to have fun in complete safety.

Cartel Starlite 2020 Marbella

Marenostrum 2020

On the website of Fuengirola Town Hall we can find out about the new planning for Marenostrum 2020.

As for the new Marenostrum 2020, we are already starting to talk about the event, although we will have to wait to see when it will be held and which artists will be invited.

In any case, everything seems to indicate that we will have many concerts this summer. That’s why you need good accommodation.

Marenostrum 2020

If you are looking for accommodation near the Starlite in Marbella, we recommend the Hotel Lima, as it is very close to other events.

We are talking about a hotel in the centre of Marbella that is now reopening after being renovated for a long time, becoming now a 4 star hotel.

This 4 star hotel in Marbella offers us a very different experience so that we can live the holidays that we now deserve more than ever.

If you are already starting to plan the next concerts you will attend in 2020, keep yourself informed about all the news and choose the Hotel Lima Marbella as the best place to stay.