New Hotel Lima Marbella | Brand new hotel in Marbella Safety First

Hotel Lima Marbella opens its doors again and do it in style. After more than a year and a half of renovations, guests will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of a brand new hotel, with all the benefits that characterize a 4-star hotel.

New Hotel Lima Marbella opening date, 1st of July

Don’t forget to mark this date in the calendar.

Everything the new Hotel Lima Marbella has to offer

Here are some of the new features of the new Hotel Lima Marbella 4 stars.

Hotel Lima Marbella 4 stars

Chance to open a hotel

The first thing we offer is a brand new hotel in the heart of Marbella. Due to the total reform of the hotel, all the elements, whether decorative or structural, are new.

Newest technology

A hotel adapted to new technologies, available to the guest. The new Hotel Lima Marbella is characterized by its level of automation. It is possible to carry out, through the mobile, all the steps to lodge without the need to stop at the reception. This includes from:

  • Check In
  • Opening the room without any contact.

In short, the new hotel Lima Marbella takes safety and health protocols very seriously by installing the latest technology

Rooftop with swimming pool

In the rooftop area we have a swimming pool, which is the key to take a splash on any hot summer day and enjoy an unparalleled climate just 200 meters from the Venus beach (located in the center of the city).

From the rooftop you will be able to enjoy a solarium space overlooking the city of Marbella.

Cleaning and disinfection

Cleanliness has always been a fundamental element since Hotel Lima Marbella opened. Over time we have adapted advanced cleaning protocols. Therefore, we make use of a careful cleaning service adapted to the current situation and following the protocols against Covid-19.

New hotel in Marbella

Time for a brand new 4 star hotel in Marbella

The long expected reform has already been completed and it is time to open a new hotel in one of the most valued places in the province of Marbella.

This is a good time to start planning your holiday: if you are looking for a place with a good atmosphere, with lots of activities to do, and in a privileged location, the Hotel Lima Marbella offers a 4-star experience.

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