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Located on the west coast of Marbella, just before Puerto Banús. We could say that this is an imaginary boundary between Marbella center and Puerto Banús, although it belongs to the latter town. However, there is no differentiation between this beach and Puerto Banús.

Its waters are perhaps a little deeper than the rest of the beaches near Marbella.  Its name comes from the development that surrounds it and above all because of the river that runs through this area, with which it shares its name. It can be said that as well as with the small beach of Puerto Banús, it borders directly with the rear wall of the marina. It is 1. 500 meters long and about 40 meters wide on average. Due to its location, it is one of the most frequented beaches of Marbella in this western area.

Playa Rio Verde en Marbella

What to do at Rio Verde beach?

It is located in one of Europe’s most luxurious centers, Puerto Banús. In its vicinity we can find the remains of a first century Hispanic-Roman villa, known as the Roman Villa of Rio Verde. This important archaeological site is located near the mouth of the Río Verde river and is one of the most valuable examples of domestic Roman construction on the Andalusian coast. In this Roman villa you can admire the wonderful floors of its rooms, including a polychrome mosaic of a Gorgoneion, which was an amulet in antiquity, surrounded by beautiful geometric motifs.

It is equipped with services such as cafeterias and restaurants, beach bars, sun bed and deckchair rental, sunshades, showers, toilets, areas for washing the feet, nautical equipment rental, rescue equipment, good signage, and it is a diving area. Free parking is available in this area. As it is protected by jetties, it is usually a busy beach and ideal for families with children. Easy access both on foot and by car. Disabled access. High number of beachgoers.

Also worth mentioning is the wooden bridge over the Rio Verde itself, which is a very quiet area and a great place to watch people running, riding a bicycle or any other type of sporting activity. The promenade here continues, made of compacted earth, better known as “albero”, as a continuation of that of the previous beaches, but just after the bridge over the river it stops being earth and becomes paved in cement and concrete.

Accommodation near Rio Verde beach

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