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San Pedro Alcántara Fair and Celebrations arrive one more year. The proclamation for the 2018 Fair and Fiestas comes from the hand of La Negra Mayte. The poster chosen this year has been created by Natalie Reina Krahmer, with more than 700 votes.

Security continues to be an important point in the celebration of festivities, which is why high-resolution cameras are installed again.

After the Marbella 2018 Fair last June, it is time to enjoy the San Pedro Alcántara 2018 Fair.

Feria San Pedro Alcántara 2018

When does the Feria de San Pedro Alcántara begin?

This year 2018, the Fair will begin on October 16 with the well-known Parade with Giants and Bigheads. At night, there will be a game of fireworks on the well-known La Salida beach, the fair lighting and the official proclamation.

On Sunday 21 October the Feria de San Pedro Alcántara 2018 ends after 6 days of events, concerts, fiesta, food, dance…

Alumbrado Feria San Pedro Alcántara 2018

San Pedro Alcántara 2018 Fair Concerts

Throughout the days of the fair we will enjoy a multitude of concerts and events in San Pedro Alcántara. Get to know the programme of the San Pedro Alcántara 2018 Fair. The big days due to the importance of the concerts run from Thursday 18 October to Saturday 20 October.

The vocalists chosen to perform this year in the Municipal Stand throughout the days of the fair are:

  • Efecto pasillo on october 18, Thursday.
  • On the 19th of October the well-known singer David de María will perform
  • Saturday, October 20th, is Niña Pastori’s moment.
Cartel Feria San Pedro Alcántara 2018

Hotel near San Pedro Alcántara

logo Hotel LimaHotel Lima is a hotel in the centre of Marbella just a few minutes drive from San Pedro Alcántara. Come and enjoy the San Pedro Alcantara Fair.

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