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At Hotel Lima (Hotel in Marbella) we are very united with the sport of Marbella and the Costa del Sol. That is why we like to highlight in our blog all those sporting events that take place in Marbella and the surrounding area.

Besides, we support local teams by sponsoring them and also the athletes.

The sports agenda in Marbella is very extensive. Many events are celebrated year after year in the city. Others, like the Davis Cup, change their location every year. This section will be dedicated to those events and sports activities that take place year after year in Marbella.

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Sports Events in Marbella


Sports Team Sponsorship

cb marbella

Official sponsors since 2020/21 season in the senior basketball club in the province of Malaga, CB Marbella, where world champions as Carlos Cabezas have played. Hotel Lima is proud to give back to the city of Marbella what it gives to us with this sponsorship.

miguel yanguas

One of the best young Spanish players in world paddle tenis, Miguel Yanguas, with important links to the city of Marbella. Hotel Lima has sponsored him since 2018, when he was only 16 years old.

White Camps Sky Club

The White Camps ski club has the objective of passing the knowledge of skiing on to competitive sports training at all levels, both from a technical and sports point of view, as well as from a personal point of view.