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At Hotel Lima (Hotel in Marbella) We are very united with the sport of Marbella and the Costa del Sol. That is why we like to highlight in our blog all those sporting events that take place in Marbella or around.

Besides, we are suporting local teams by sponsoring them and also to support athletes and teams.

Sporting events in Marbella

The sports agenda in Marbella is very extensive. Many events are celebrated year after year in the city. Others, like the Davis Cup, change their location every year. This section will be dedicated to those events and sports activities that take place year after year in Marbella.

Torneo Europeo de Waterpolo Alevín Mixto


The European Waterpolo Mixed Alevin Tournament has, since its beginig in 2009, been hels in the city of Marbella. Each year it gathers more than 200 players (about 16 teams).

In this water polo tournament, Spanish and European teams play, and it is usually celebrated at the beginning of the year. It is one of the most important dates on the sports agenda in Marbella.

Carrera por Montaña Sierra Blanca

CXM Sierra Blanca

The Mountain Race of Sierra Blanca is an event that has been held since 2014. It has several modalities depending on the distance to travel and is one of the best ways to enjoy the mountains and sport in Marbella, Sierra Blanca.

It is a huge mountain in the middle of the Costa del Sol with a great diversity of vegetation and fauna.

Marbella 4 días Caminando

Marbella 4Days Walking

The sport event in Marbella “4 days walking” is one of the most attractive among people of any age. It is a unique experience to know Marbella and its surroundings with the option of choosing two routes.

In addition, during the 4 days of the event, there are concerts and live music in Marbella.

Come and enjoy Marbella on foot with the Marbella 4Days Walking.

Sport in Marbella, temporary events

Triatlón Iroman 70.3 Marbella

IronMan 70.3

On April 29, 2018 is the date chosen for the best known triathlon worldwide. The Ironman 70.3 Marbella 2018 is celebrated in the Costa del Sol thanks to the great offer and climate that Marbella offers.

The Ironman 70.3 is characterized by being half the distance in the three categories like  the otiginal Ironman. The swimming test has a distance of 1.9 kilometers, the competition with a bicycle is 90 km and the race on foot would be like a half marathon, 21 kilometers.

In addition, This event or sport is not only celebrated in Marbella during 2018, there is an agreement for the Ironman 70.3 to be present during 2019 and 2020.

Copa Davis en Marbella 2018

Davis Cup

Everyone knows the prestige of the Davis Cup and the worldwide importance in the world of tennis.

In February 2018, Marbella was chosen to host the Davis Cup knockout round.

The Davis Cup Marbella Marbella 2018 was a very positive experience in all areas, as Spain went to the quarterfinals defeating Great Britain.

It is not the first time that Marbella has the experience of preparing a Davis Cup tie. In 1989 it was the first experience that the city had in such an important event.

Sports agenda in Marbella

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Routes and sport in Marbella

To enjoy Marbella and the sport, we do not have to wait for the events that are on the sports agenda in Marbella.

If you like to play sports we leave you some alternatives that you can enjoy all year round in the Costa del Sol.

Routes Sierra de las Nieves

The Sierra de las Nieves is one of the most complex and diverse natural complexes in Andalusia. It is near Marbella and in it we can enjoy many trails.

Throughout the Sierra de las Nieves we find a great diversity of plant and animal species such as the mountain goat.

Enjoy the Sierra de las Nieves Routes. You can find shorter or longer hiking trails, that require more or less effort, or that last more or less. Each route has the distance, the difficulty and the estimated duration time.

Bicycle and bike path in Marbella

We all know the great benefits of sports. Among one of the most practical and beneficial sports is the use of the bicycle.

The advantage of the bicycle is that it can be used both on hiking trails and in the city. Some of the routes mentioned above may be ideal for bicycle use.

In addition, the municipality of Marbella increasingly improves the connections of the bike paths extending kilometers of it.

It is a non-polluting means of transport and is good for health, because we are doing sports. In addition, it allows you to move easily and make visits to towns or nearby areas to make tourist routes. Use the bicycle in Marbella

Past sport events in Marbella

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We are sponsors of sports teams

Waterpolo Marbella

Somos patrocinadores del Waterpolo Marbella. Un club encargado de promocionar y ofrecer el deporte del waterpolo a la ciudad de Marbella. Fundado en el año 2007, cuenta con categorías tanto masculinas como femeninas.

Marbella Fútbol Club

El Marbella Fútbol Club es un equipo fundado en 1997 y formado por el Club Atlético de Marbella y canteras de equipos locales. Es el equipo de fútbol de la ciudad de Marbella y cuenta con más de 20 años de historia.

Club de Baloncesto Costa Marbella

El Club de Baloncesto Costa Marbella fue formado en el año 2012 por un conjunto de jugadoras de baloncesto. La finalidad es seguir jugando y practicando este deporte.