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The well-known TEWAM or European Tournament Waterpolo Alevín Mixto repeats place, reason why the TEWAM 2018 will be celebrated in Marbella. There are more than 200 players from the total of 16 teams from different clubs.

TEWAM 2018 MarbellaTorneo Europeo de Waterpolo 2017

The last tournament TEWAM 2017 took place in Marbella, where 16 teams were seen, from 2 to 5 January. It was the ninth year that was celebrated and was organized by the Marbella Waterpolo Club in collaboration with the municipal sports delegation.

TEWAM Marbella 2018, Waterpolo Marbella

Another year, the X European Waterpolo Tournament alevín Mixto 2018 or TEWAM 2018 Marbella will be held in Marbella. This is the tenth time this European tournament has been held.

A maximum of 15 teams will take part in the championship (preferably). These teams will come from all over Spain and Europe. Apart from that, the organization chooses another team to be part of the tournament.

Calendar and tournament schedule

The dates chosen for the development of the tournament will be between 2 and January 5, 2018 .

Competition location

There will be two distinct spaces for the development of the tournament:

  • strong>Opening place : Antonio Serrano Lima Covered Pavilion. The inaugural parade will be at 14:00 on January 2. The tournament will come to an end after the presentation of medals, trophies and the farewell lunch around 14:00.
  • Competition location : Indoor swimming pool Antonio Serrano Lima.

Tournament development schedules

Tuesday, January 2

  • Lunch.
  • After the inauguration, there will be a technical meeting.
  • At 16:00 the matches begin.

Wednesday, January 3

  • Start of matches at 9:00.
  • Lunch at 14:00.
  • The afternoon will be book time for participants.

Thursday January 4

  • The day will begin at 9:00 with the knockout matches.
  • As every day lunch will be at 14:00.
  • At 16:00 the matches from 14th to 7th will begin.

Friday, January 5

  • After the end of the championship will give way to the delivery of medals and trophies in a ceremony.
  • To finish the tournament, at 13:45 will begin a lunch and the farewell of another year of tournament in Marbella.


There will be an exclusive and free service for the transport of equipment arriving in the city of Málaga, whether at the Airport, Renfe Station or by bus. This service of bus leaves at 11:00 on Tuesday 2 January .


For this service it is essential that the number of people who will use this service is notified.

TEWAM 2018 Registration

Equipos TEWAM 2018This step is fundamental to be able to participate and be part of this so recognized tournament. It is the tenth anniversary of this tournament held in Marbella and being part of it is something unique. Come and enjoy the Marbella water polo.


Register for TEWAM

TEWAM regulation

Like every championship, there are rules and regulations that each team and player must follow.

Rules and regulations TEWAM

More information about TEWAM 2018 Marbella

Lunch is included during lunch, as it is in charge of the competition. On the last day bags will be delivered with lunch for the return trip of each team.


As for medals , each team participating in the tournament will receive a medal. The trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams in the ranking. In addition, there will be trophy for the team with the fewest goals, the youngest team, the best player or the best fan.

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