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The amenities of the Hotels – Free but not all

It has been a long time since we wrote but the truth is, this year 2016 has been very good regarding tourism and it has been impossible for us to write anything. Although we have not lacked ideas and anecdotes today, we wanted to tell you a great truth that sometimes turns out to be Taboo.

“The robbery” of hotel amenities.

For some time we wanted to talk about this subject and yesterday there was a fact that never ceases to surprise us. But first of all we are going to define it.

Los amenities de los Hoteles

What are hotel amenities?

By Amenities we mean those personal hygiene items that the hotel industry makes available to the guest in the bathroom of the hotel room or establishment where the guest is staying.

We can also take the meaning as the comforts (of the English term) that we can find in a Hotel so that we feel like at home. Soaps, gels, combs,…

Is it normal to take the amenities from the hotels?

Hotels are used to that people “rob” the amenities or some other object in the room. We don’t know if the theft occurs out of necessity or because it is so standardized that we have become accustomed to it. It is true that there are people – he even communicates it in the reception or to the staff – who collect soaps from all the Hotels in which he stays – and of course this does not bother us.

We cannot help but be surprised by the fact itself, since if we analyse it well; when we go to a restaurant we don’t usually take the cook’s tools with us, we don’t take away his pans, his pots or his spoons and knives. We enjoy the evening and leave, so why do we bring towels and other things from the hotels? If I go to the butcher or the fishmonger and after buying I don’t take their things, and why do we take them from the hotels? And so we can make examples or comparisons with all the trades we know, and why do we damage the Hotel?

Nowadays if we go to any shop or supermarket we can find towels of equal or superior quality to ours, and do we still take the hotel towels?

The gels and shampoos that are courtesy put in hotels have a neutral PH and yours is to use your own gels and shampoos, and take it away. The only explanation is for the little boat, to fill it with yours or you have to be very crappy…

The simple fact of taking other objects from the room, is to do damage, since until we replace it, the next client will not be able to use it. To give you an example, would you like me, as a parent, to take your child’s school chair and when it was your child, not have a chair until it is replaced…?

Amenities are included in the price!

In the past, hotels included amenities in their prices, but now they are trying to reuse them in order to optimise our resources and, of course, take care of the environment. We must bear in mind that currently, with the existing competition, it is impossible that this cost is part of the price of the room. At this point there are two options: Either we stop including certain amenities or the price of the room increases. None of the options seems to us to be acceptable, neither for the client nor for ourselves because of the services offered…

The weirdest robbery that’s ever happened to us

The most incredible thing that has happened to us in our more than 50 years of experience in the Hotel Lima in Marbella:At Christmas time we always like to decorate our Hotel in Marbella according to these dates; the lights, the small decorations,… are part of our decoration that we believe encourage everyone and increase the Christmas spirit. But a few days ago we realized that: Oh no, they robbed us the child Jesus of Bethlehem! Let’s see, what is the sentence for that, what is the estimated penalty for such a crime?

They say that common sense is the least common of the senses,… some soaps, a towel, but the child Jesus of Bethlehem?

It is true that every day one learns something new, but the lack of civility never ceases to surprise us day by day.

If you want you can send us your comments on this small article. What is the rarest thing that they have taken from a Hotel? Do you think that should be paid for them?