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Temperature in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most interesting places in Spain, known all over the world. It’s a city located in southern Spain and has as its main attraction its climate, its stable temperature virtually all year round, in addition to its legendary beaches. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean and is surrounded by the Sierra Blanca.

El tiempo en MarbellaMain Advantages of the Weather in Marbella

The tourist is attracted to Marbella by its envious climate and by its more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

It is considered the tourist centre of the Costa del Sol, attracting thousands of tourists.

If you are also thinking of spending a few days of your holidays there, from Hotel Lima, Hotel in the centre of Marbella, we invite you to read on to find out especially about the weather in Marbella.

Climate, temperature and weather in Marbella

Marbella is a safe bet during your holidays: a way of being able to enjoy the sun yes or yes, with a minimal possibility of it being cloudy or even raining.

Weather Summer in Marbella

It will be in the summer season when temperatures reach their zenith: they can reach about 30 º C, or a little higher.

The great advantage of choosing Malaga as a holiday destination is that its summers are quite long-lived: they will start throughout May and last well into October. In other words, we will not have to limit ourselves to the 3 summer months, as is the case in most destinations.

But if, for whatever reason, you decide to visit the place at another time of the year, the temperature will also accompany you.

Hotel Lima in MarbellaWeather in Marbella Autumn

In autumn we find a slight decrease in temperatures: some nights it may cool down a little, but it will rarely be cold. The average temperature in Malaga during the autumn is usually over 23ºC.

Temperature in Marbella Winter

Winter is a rainy season: at this time of year, temperatures will be reduced to 15ºC on average. In addition, the nights can be quite cold.

Climate Marbella Spring

Once spring arrives again, temperatures will gradually rise again as summer approaches. Spring days will be a little warmer than winter days, and nights a little cooler.

There’s no doubt that this enviable tourist destination has an incredible climate all year round (it’s not just limited to summer). The climate in Marbella makes the difference: hence it is considered a privileged place.

If you don’t want to play this year during your holidays, and you would like to find a place where the weather can accompany you at any time, we invite you to come and enjoy Marbella.

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