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Every year the number of tourists who come to the Costa del Sol to play golf increases. There are 42 golf courses in Marbella, so the offer is by far the most varied in Spain. The visitors who come to practice golf in Marbella are from the most experienced to people who are starting to get interested in this sport and do not have a deep knowledge of it yet. It is important for the newcomers to know the characteristics of the golf clubs, so that their handicap can only improve.

Main types of golf clubs

These are the types of golf clubs that are essential for the practice of this sport.

These are the golf clubs that are used to achieve the greatest power and distance. These are usually the ones selected to get off the tee.
The funny thing about these golf clubs is that although they are defined as woods, they are not made of this material, but of titanium or steel.
Their club is long and their head has big dimensions, in order to maximize the speed. There are 2 groups:

Driver or wood 1: more powerful and longer, and also more difficult to use.
Fairway wood, from 2 to 11: with less power than the previous ones.

They are usually used at distances of between 70 and 190 metres. The balls are best controlled with this type of club, and are often used in difficult situations, such as on high grass.
There are 9 types of iron clubs: 1 to 4 are used for distances up to 190 meters, 6 to 8 for 140 meters and 9 for 110 meters.

Golf clubs for short distances, the ones closest to the green. Similar to iron clubs, they differ from these by the angle of the head, more open.
They are widely used to get the balls out of the bunkers.

Golf clubs used for the final shots where the balls are pushed towards the green. According to their length, weight, style and shape they are divided into three types: blade putter, mallet putter and hell-toe putter

They are the most modern golf clubs. They appear in the 21st century to replace the wooden or iron ones, being easier to use and lighter. They are similar to iron clubs, but with the typical volume of wooden clubs.

Accommodation in Marbella near Golf Courses

The only thing you need to play golf on the Costa del Sol is to find a hotel in Marbella that is close to the golf courses and that offers you the best services, as is the case of Hotel Lima in Marbella, in the centre of the city.