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Adult hotels are a growing tendency in the world. It is an alternative to enjoy the couple life, with friends, family or business trips. For this purpose, relaxation, comfort and luxury are involved, as well as a few days of tranquility without interruptions.

The market for this type of business is growing every day, being able to find different types of establishments in our country.

hotel recomendado para adultos en Marbella

One of them is Hotel Lima Marbella. For some time now they have undergone various modifications to improve the stay of their guests and be able to upgrade from 2 to 4 stars. One of the main features of this hotel in Marbella, is that when it is opened will be recommended for adults, so it is recommended that the person who makes the reservation must be an adult.

This 4 star hotel in Marbella wants to combine the best of the city (beaches, restaurants, museums, leisure areas, tourist attractions …) with a pleasant stay that you want to repeat in a short time.

Accommodation in Marbella for adults

People who have already tried adult-only hotels or an adult hotel have shown an interest in this kind of business because of the following reasons:

  • Disconnect from the daily routine.
  • Business trips that require calmness.
  • Spend a few days with friends.
  • To strengthen life as a couple.
  • Enjoy a few days without the youngest members of the family.

Despite what it may seem, they do not have a large number of rooms, but they are all neatly decorated with charm and are located in areas of great tourist affluence, such as Hotel Lima in the centre of Marbella. These are a few days where all you have to worry about is making the most of such a special accommodation.

hotel recomendado para adultos en Marbella

Leisure and tourism in Marbella

You can do tourism on the beach, visit the places of interest in Marbella, go out to dinner and whatever you want, knowing that when you return to the hotel you will enjoy all the luxurious details, you will feel as if you were at home.

More advantages of Hotel Lima recommended for adults

Imagine swimming in a swimming pool without anyone splashing water, being able to go out at night without coming back early because your children are sleepy, being able to sleep without anyone waking you up, being able to have or prepare a business meeting without having any distractions and enjoying some days of rest alone with your partner.

This is the essence that we want to achieve in this type of hotels specially designed for adults to achieve what they have been looking for a long time: physical and mental rest.

Come and enjoy Hotel Lima, a completely renovated hotel in the heart of Marbella just a few minutes from the old town and the beach.

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