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Eco Friendly: What is it?

You may have heard the word “eco friendly” several times without knowing what it means. The translation would be “friend of ecology , in other words, to be respectful with the environment that surrounds us.

In other words, to know if something is eco friendly you have to look at what surrounds you, at nature to be more accurate and sustainable. Only by achieving a balance between the environment and social and economic factors, being eco friendly becomes a reality. Although it is not an easy task.

Hotel Eco Friendly en Marbella

Hotel Eco Friendly

The Hotel Lima Marbella has been undergoing a total remodelling for some time now, eliminating those elements harmful to the environment that surrounds us. This type of establishments is becoming more and more appreciated by all types of people seeking to rebuild the environment in which we live.

Customers who choose this type of service have a particular profile. They are contributing to the elimination of services that pollute the environment and at the same time that they do not see the quality of the service affected.

Facts about Eco-friendly hotels

According to different studies, last year more than 30% of tourists chose an eco friendly hotel as a holiday destination. There have always been establishments for all kinds of tastes, colours, budgets and needs, but it is true that protecting the environment is a factor that we must be aware of to increase our quality of life for the future.

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What are the benefits of being an eco friendly hotel?

Among the most remarkable benefits that can be mentioned are the following:

  1. The use of material and energy resources is reduced, increasing energy saving and effectiveness practices thanks to complements such as photovoltaic panels.
  2. The typical furniture used in the rooms are purchased within the same region where the hotel is located. Shampoos, soaps and other organic and highly biodegradable products are also used.
  3. An eco-friendly hotel respects the environment that surrounds us, as well as the customs and traditions that exist in the region.
  4. All personnel must be properly trained in order to be able to carry out good environmental practices, thereby fulfilling the objectives of the company, which must encourage its workers.
  5. Eco-friendly products are known to reduce overall costs and give a better image to the hotel and its customers, as well as to suppliers and employees.

Eco-friendly Accommodation in Marbella

With a hotel in Marbella of these characteristics you will not only be able to enjoy everything the city has to offer, but you will also be contributing to caring the environment while you enjoy a magical and incredible stay.