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If you are on holiday in Marbella we recommend that you make the most of your trip to get to know Ronda. The distance between Marbella and Ronda is barely 1 hour and, considering everything that needs to be seen here, it will be well worth it.

Read on to discover everything there is to see in Ronda.

Como llegar a Ronda?

What can I see in Ronda in just one day?

Que ver en Ronda?

The New Bridge

It is considered one of the most beautiful bridges in all of Spain. Before it was built, back in the Middle Ages, the only way to enter the city was via the Arab bridge.

Plaza del ayuntamiento

Town Hall Square

One of the key points of interest to visit in Ronda. From here we can orientate ourselves to know all the attractions of the city. It is connected to the parish of Santa María Mayor and to the Convent of Clarisas de Santa Isabel de Los Ángeles.

Museo de Ronda

Museum of Ronda

If you want to know everything about the history of the place, you can go to the Mondragon Palace where you will find an interesting museum.

Murallas Ronda

Walls of Ronda

You can’t leave Ronda without seeing the iconic walls that once defended the city. It is also interesting to visit the Almocábar gate.

Baños Árabes en Ronda

Arabian Baths

A journey through time to discover the best preserved baths in Europe, dating back to no less than the 13th century

Parque Alameda del Tajo en Ronda

Park of Alameda del Tajo

To get to this park we will have to pass near the city’s bullring, so it is also a good time to get to know it. It is a green point located in the heart of the city, a lung of oxygen

Mirador Ronda


Near Ronda you can find other points of interest to discover. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to visit one of its viewpoints, such as the famous viewpoint of Ronda, to appreciate the city from afar, in all its splendour.

Hotel near Ronda

From the Hotel Lima in Marbella, it’s easy to go to Ronda. Our hotel in the centre of Marbella is connected with all the services and, besides knowing the city, it makes it easier for you to do tourism in nearby towns.

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